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Monday, December 1, 2014

Did you like the information? We are located in downtown San Bernardino very close to the IRS and would be more than happy to help with your tax problem. Please give us your feedback. Email us or call us. 

Inland Professional Tax Service 

699 N Arrowhead Ave Suite 116
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Free e-file, it includes direct deposit if you have a bank account.

Remember direct deposit is a FREE service from the IRS, DO NOT get scammed into paying for a FREE service.

We will give you a FREE tax estimate to review the work they did.

We will review last years tax return to make sure it was done right.

Best of all we will give the best price in the area.

We are open all year, to give you advice during the year.

We are located very close to the IRS in downtown San Bernardino. 699 N Arrowhead Ave suite 116 San Bernardino Ca 92401 Call us at 909-991-7659

Tuesday, December 20, 2011




We live in a time in which any help we can receive on how to stretch our dollar is welcomed. Stretch every dollar? You might ask. I’m doing this as it is. Can I go any further? The answer is YES! We all can.

Let me introduce my self. My name is Achilles Yanez I currently work as a Financial Advisor and Tax Preparer for Inland Professional Tax Service located in downtown San Bernardino. For many years I have thought of ways of helping our community save money without the need of getting a second job. No matter the economic status we hold, meaning we could be rich, middle class or poor, the advice I give is always helpful. Let me begin by asking you a few questions. Would you like to take a long and well-deserved vacation? Maybe purchase a new car or pay off a credit card? Then this is an article you don’t want to miss. Remember all this on the same paycheck and not taking into consideration any raise or additional income you might receive during the course of the year.

Let’s begin with one simple word but a very important one: Downgrading, if we think carefully for a minute we can find many ways in which we can downgrade, and downgrading equals savings. Take for instance your cable package, the average American family pays 100 dollars a month. Downgrading to a simple package can save you 75 dollars a month, which equals 900 dollars a year. What will I do for entertainment? You might ask. Finding alternative activities can result not only in a savings, but also contribute to the welfare of your family.

Another way we can save money is with a form called W-4 given by your employer. The purpose of this form is basically to tell your employer at what tax bracket to tax you. Many believe that by adding as many dependants as they possible can, will result in receiving more money, and to a certain extant this is true. But let’s analyze this closer. If you are taxed at bracket that does not correspond to you at the end of the year when filling your tax return you will either end up paying or getting very little money. So you either get the money in a week-by-week basis or receive the whole sum at the end of the year. What’s better? Well, let me give you an example. If I was to give you 20 dollars each week for the next year, what would you prefer? Getting the 20 dollars weekly or receiving 1040 dollars at the end of the year? The answer is clear! Plus remember, this year you will be receiving the Stimulus Government Money in every weekly paycheck, so this is a great year to save. How do we go about this? Ask your employer for a new W-4. When filling it out if you are married, put married filling jointly, if single put single, if you are Head of Household put your self as single, remember you will be taxed more but you will receive that money at the end of the year. When filling out line 5, claiming the amount of allowances, just add your children, DO NOT add your self or spouse. Additional to all this, line 6 allows you to make an additional savings, like the 20 dollars I put as an example. Remember this form can be changed each month and adjusted to your needs.

Well, in just the 2 examples we made a savings of over 1500 dollars and this is not taking into consideration any additional credits you might receive when filling your income tax return. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions: I’m located in 255 N D St Suite 217 in Downtown San Bernardino and the office phone number is (909) 991-7659.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where can you find us?

Did you like the information? We are located in downtown San Bernardino very close to the IRS and would be more than happy to help with your tax problem. Please give us your feedback.

Inland Professional Tax Service

699 N Arrowhead Ave Suite 116
San Bernardino, Ca 92401
Phone: 909-991-7659

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tax-Apocalypse 2012

What awaits us concerning taxes in 2012? What changes or new laws can we expect? It's well known that Congress is working on lifting the limits an individual can contribute on his 401-k retirement plan.

A taxpayer may contribute more to their 401-k plan or other Employer-Sponsored Plan.

IRS has increased the amount:

For the 2012 tax year, workers may contribute up to $17,000, $500 more than in 2011, into their 401-k plan, 403-b plan, 457 plan or Thrift Savings Plan.

Are you over the age of 50? You’ll be able to contribute up to $22,500 into your employer-sponsored retirement plan (Warning: The catch-up contribution limit of $5,500 remains the same for 2012).

Remember, every dollar we contribute is tax deductable.


Sounds tempting? Well let me tell you what a friend had go through a couple of weeks ago. Taking advantage of the resent downturn in the Real Estate market she purchased her first home. To be able to have enough for down payment, she turned to her 401(k) plan, which can be done with out having to be penalized 10%. Here is where it gets interesting, it so happened that her “financial advisor” informed her she could not withdraw “HER” own money unless it was absolutely necessary, you mean like buying a home? Not to them. She was asked to take out a loan on her own money. Can you believe that?

I wonder who came up with this rule? Could it be the big shots at WALLSTREET? Should they be allowed to play with our retirement money, have full control even more then us, of our well earned money? You make that decision, but one thing is for sure the one calling the shots with my money is ME, and that’s how it always should be.

So what should we do? Be informed, do your homework, see what other options you have and only then take a decision that is good for YOU.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Well, it's that time of the year again. Tax Season, when we have to report to Uncle Sam our earnings for the year. With so many news circulating in the media concerning taxes many us might be confused. Am I going to pay more? Will I get a larger refund? How are the new laws going to effect me?, you might ask.

Well you might be happy to know that the new laws signed in to effect by President Obama, are not going to make a difference. Unless you make over 250k or you work for a Federal institution. If you work for a Federal office talk to you HR to see how the payroll tax law effects you personally.

Please let me know if you have any questions concerning the new laws, and if you live in San Bernardino don't forget to come and prepare your taxes with me. Thank you.

Friday, January 22, 2010



When was the last time you looked at form W-4? Probably since you started your last job. But do you know this form holds the key to putting more money in your pocket week per week?

Working for INLAND PROFESSIONAL TAX SERVICE for the past few years, has allowed me to help many of clients receive either a large refund or a larger paycheck on a week per week basis.

Remember though, if you modify form W-4 this will mean, in most cases, a smaller refund come tax season. So please contact me when doing this modification.

So how do you determine if modifying form W-4 is good for YOU? Well, if your refund is larger than 5k per year this would be something good to consider. Why? Well in most cases this constitutes a loan you’re giving the government at ZERO interest. If you get that money and invest it in a mutual fund the interest you could gain is any where between 12 to 30 percent depending on the year. Even if you deposit this money into a savings account you gain something. In this case something is better then nothing.

What changes need to be done? By adding dependents you reduce the amount of refund and increase your weekly earnings. This extra money in turn you want to put away into a mutual fund or savings account.

For more information leave your comments. Thank you.